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Logistics Status and Solutions of Difficulties

Time:2021-09-02 Views:1834
Logistics Status and Solutions of Difficulties

Due to the coronavirus, the logistics industry has been greatly affected. In addition to the general rise in transportation costs, the delivery time is also difficult to ensure. Therefore, logistics brings us various difficulties in delivery. 
However, Zondoo have made different plans to  deal with these difficulties.

Our Solutions:

Firstly, we have EU warehouses separately located in UK, Spain, Czech and Ukraine.
If the products you want are in stock and can be shipped from EU warehouse, the products are estimated to be delivered to you about 3-7 days after you place an order.
Sencondly, We provide various ways of transportation including air, train, sea and truck.If you choose shipping from China, normally the shipping time will be three months by sea. The air and truck transportation will be faster and more expensive. If you are in EU countries, air shipping will be about 10 days and truck shipping will be about 2 months. 
Thirdly, if you have a forwarder in China, we can consign your products to your forwarder directly.

Lastly, we can provide the website where you can check the logistics of your products when you enter the logistic number which we will give you after shipping.
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