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Do I Need a Licence for Electric Scooters in the USA?

Time:2021-08-13 Views:2759

Do I Need a Licence for Electric Scooters in the USA?

It is not difficult to see frantic flows of electric scooters on the roads everyday. Yes, more and more people choose to buy an electric scooter as an alternative mode of transportation.

They are light and convenient, and some well equipped  scooters can even reach a maximum speed of 45km/h.

So, why haven‘t you picked up your own folding electric scooter yet?
Maybe you‘re worried about whether electric scooters require a driving licence, or a specialist licence like a motorbike?

Maybe you don‘t have a driving licence and can you still ride an electric scooter?

Like most of these questions, the answer is "it depends", but in many cases the answer is "Yes!"

E-scooter Law in the US

Whether or not you need a driver‘s licence largely depends on where you ride your electric scooter.

Although scooter laws are more standardized across the US states, there are still many differences between each state regarding driving licence.

Currently, in California, the law requires riders of electric scooters to have a valid driver‘s license and the scooter must not exceed a speed of 15 mph.

Many states classify electric scooters as e-bikes, which do not require a driver‘s licence to operate.

With the exception of California, other states in the US usually DO NOT require a driver‘s license to operate electric scooters.
Joint-stock companies like Bird and Lime often require their riders to be at least 18 years old and hold a valid license for the purpose of expanding their base, but these are company policies, not state or federal laws.

Although most of the states in the US DO NOT need a license for e-scooter, it is a good idea to check your local state and city laws before buying your own electric scooter.