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Electrification Strategies of Shared Mobility Operators 2022

Time:2022-11-17 Views:7
By 2030, the shared mobility market will have 10.5 million electric vehicles in its fleet dominated by electric bikes and then ride-hailing vehicles. Electrification was under the radar of all the mobility operators and cities, even before the pandemic. Cities should neither lose sight of the long-term goal which is to reduce GHG emissions nor break the EV momentum, as the industry has invested tens of billions in new EVs, underlying technologies, and the charging infrastructure.
Favorable regulations, incentives, and tax rebates focused on shared mobility operators can provide the impetus to continue the electrification of mobility fleets. Electric vehicles are becoming more attractive, as they have increased electric range. All shared mobility segments, be it carsharing, DRT, ride-hailing, or bike sharing are increasing the proportion of electric vehicles in their fleets. Regulations are driving fleets to electrify. The charging infrastructure value chain must be robust and efficient to meet this demand. Multiple participants are involved in different parts of the value chain to cater to the charging requirements of the increasing number of electric vehicles in operation.

The penetration rates vary across regions and across business segments. For instance, in Europe, the penetration level for carsharing is as low as less than 5% in countries like Turkey and can go as high as 60% in the Netherlands, Norway, and so on. This completely depends on how supportive the infrastructure and regulations are. A very good example is Madrid where there are reserved parking spots for carsharing. Further, electric vehicles are allowed to enter the restricted access zone for free and are granted free parking in many locations.
Similarly, if we look at bike sharing, operators are increasingly focusing on electrifying their fleet. Kick-scooter sharing providers which are foraying into bike sharing provide an all-electric fleet. Some of the major participants offering an all-electric fleet are Lime, Tier Mobility, and Dott.
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