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If I have a scooter, my life will be ?

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1101
If I have a scooter, my life will be ?
There are two worst things in the world. One is I was overslept, another thing is I didn‘t catch on the bus or the subway.If they are happend in one time, then the third worst thing may befall to me, my boss might dismiss me. Ok, I have exhausted it, how can I escape it? 
1.hand in my resignation.
It is a good choice, after all, it‘s easier than be fired. But I still need to find a job for my bread and milk. And there are many troubles during the job application. No no no~~~ I can‘t stand it. Plan A won‘t work.
2.use mini transpotation.
Bike and motor cycle are too big, there is no place to park them. If I ride my car, I alway will be stucked in the car pool because of traffic jam.
Maybe I need a scooter like my neiborhood‘s, then the traffic jam is none of my business. I could sleep more than my colleages and don‘t worry the late. Plan B seems feasible to me.
Then what kind of scooter is sutitable for me?

I need a scooter that can be folded, with high speed, and safety. Of course, the style and the color are also very important to me.
Ok, ZO02 may be a good choice. As I have seen in the video, it has 20 inch big wheel that can provide effective shock absorbtion and best riding experience. And it is equipped 350W rear motor and 36V/10.4AH battery. So not only do I ride it for commuting but also I can ride it for enjoyment, for axample, barbecue, camp ect.

I can‘t wait to place an order now, LOL~~~