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The Openning of a New Online Store

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1869
The Openning of a New Online Store (https://zondoo.store/)

Dear customers and partners, as we all known we have two online stores seprately on Alibaba and Aliexpress platform. With the development of our company, we opened a new store on Funpinpin website(address: https://zondoo.store/).
Many new products have been put on our new online store.In this store, there are European warehouse electric scooters, citycoco models,off-road models and urban models with a complete variety.In the future, our new products will also be released simultaneously in this store.In addition, the employees who operate the store are very professional, and various services are becoming more and more perfect.There are discounts for the opening of the new store.Welcome to the store for consultation and purchase.
                                       Click the picture and pick a scooter! ! !

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