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ZonDoo Story

How did ZOND start & where will ZOND go?

Why is the market full of so many lousy e-mobility products?
Poor quality,unsafe battery,inferior material & structure,unstable controller,terrible riding experience,ugly design...

Are they really what we consumers want?
NO,definitely not,and the consumers hate them.

But how come these problems have happened all the time, cause they‘re cheap?
NO,they‘re very expensive in terms of total cost ownership,but they‘re cheap in quality.

Is it possible for us consumers to have the reliable e-scooters with good looking?
Yes,it‘s definitely possible.

So this is why ZOND started...

Leon,Olivia and Brian,the three passionate e-scooter lovers are tired of these lousy products.
They‘re determined to fix them,rebuild the electric micromobility market & provide the sheer riding pleasure to the e-mobility lovers.


They put all of their resources and money in product design and development,engineering research and optimisation,quality assurance and process control,to make the e-scooters reliable durable and scalable,which is ZONDer‘s mission.

All of us know that it isn‘t an easy way for us to work on,since the bad money drives good out.But we do believe there‘re many hardcore e-scooter players,like us who really care about riding performance, enjoy the sheer riding pleasure & lead high-quality lives.

How can we work for you,the real passionate e-scooter lovers.

As per ZONDer‘s core value:“Honest, Professional, Dedicated, Happy”, being honest is our principle,professional is our responsibility,dedicated to consumers is our attitude,and happy is our gene.We‘ll be transparent in the process from A to Z.

Looking forward,we deeply understand that we need you---the ZOND products consumers and customers,we need your proposition and suggestion,we need your comments and supervison,we need your criticism and praise to help us to grow healthly,and consequently to achieve our mission together: Provide "Sheer Riding Pleasure"to you, to your friends & to all the e-scooter lovers.