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Support and Service

We believe in helping our customers to find the right solution for their application. That support starts from the very first time you get in touch, throughout the sales process, and continues once you’ve received your order.

All of our products come with a comprehensive warranty as standard and we pride ourselves on supporting our customers as a priority.

Usually you can download the APP and mauals via our official website:https://www.zond-tech.com//contact zond/download.

The FAQ path is:
https://www.zond-tech.com//support center/faq,& you can get all the necessary product knowledge there.

You’ll find basic product technical specifications, manuals, and certificates on the product pages,https://www.zond-tech.com//e-mobilities. If the answers you need aren’t there, please contact us; if you have purchased the product, please email sales@zond-tech.com. If you haven’t purchased the product yet and want some technical advice first, please contact support@zond-tech.com.

To make you have a more clear picture of our services,herewith our corresponding email boxes as per different question/query you may meet in different business stages:

Stage Need  help? Email box Comments
Pre-Purchase If you have a technical question about any of our products or solutions that you don’t know, our technical/product engineers are here to help you out. support@zond-tech.com In case of urgency,pls call +8618675590968,Leon
& Shipping
If you wanna know the manufacturing and shipping details of your order,pls contact the sales manager who focused on your account to follow up,or you can send emails to the below email box. sales@zond-tech.com In case of urgency,pls call +8618675590968,Leon
Post-Purchase Please contact the sales manager who focuses on your account if you have any problem with our products after purchase,like the products don‘t work,trouble-shooting,maintainence and operation etc.Or you can send email to the general email box. sales@zond-tech.com In case of urgency,pls call +8618675590968,Leon
Technical Training Normally we have the general technical training to you if you purchase any products from us,which is free.Pls send email to us if you have any special training in terms of products knowledge,market trendy & ODM/OEM requirement,we‘ll provide the customized solution to you accordingly.  support@zond-tech.com In case of urgency,pls call +8618675590968,Leon
Complaints Please send email to ganlihua@zond-tech.com if you have any complaints about our products or service.And we‘ll escalate any customer/consumer complaints to our company executive board to sort it out ASAP.   ganlihua@zond-tech.com In case of urgency,pls call +8618675590968,Leon

If you need the more customized solution or consult from us, please contact support@zond-tech.com.We‘ll do our best to provide you the necessary whether you‘re our customer or not,we‘re open to any issues & discussions.
For more information about the e-mobilities trendy, please check https://www.zond-tech.com//micromobility insights,we‘ll have our own understanding and insights of e-mobilities there,like mobility as a service,how micro e-mobilites help the existing public transportation system as well as the private vehicles trendy.

In a word,get in touch and keep communication is our way in service,your satisfaction is our great motivation.We do believe that we can build a better sustainalbe environment via our continual talk,think and action.


Thanks for your valued feedback/inquiry,we‘ll get back to you via email within 24hours.
* Note: Your personal info will be 100% protected and safe.